Tumaini ni Uzima (Hope is Life)

The mines in the Congo are totally controlled, through armed gangs, by corporations who only seek economic benefits. The rape of women and girls has been used as a weapon of war and terror. The military has raped many Congolese women.  To escape this situation, many girls have gone to the city where they have fallen into prostitution nets and are sexually exploited...

We welcome these marginalized women into the St. Joseph's Shelter and try to restore hope for them"

 A Canadian Non-Denominational Organization

Hope of St. Joseph Shelter Inc

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tumaini ni uzima trying to restore hope...


Rescuing the girls and boys from situations where they are being exploited, providing a stable environment, psycological follow-up and educational and vocational training to prepare them for the future .

Our founder


ST. JOSEPH'S -for girls and young women

ST. MARY'S-for young boys 6-12

HOLY FAMILY-for pregnant young mothers to give birth and learn to care for their babies  


Volunteer opportunities include helping with online sales, fundraising dinners, grant submissions and our annual yard sale. Contact us today and find out how you can help

"...I wonder why in an area

where gold,coltan and other precious minerals are 

exploited, the population is

living in such critical poverty situation? ...