Tumaini ni Uzima (Hope is Life)

Work continues on the construction of the new St. Mary's.

They are already moved into the basement. It is the rainy season and it is cold at night and they are in need of blankets and some beds but they are trying to repair and use what they have. 
The basement has 3 rooms.  There are 6 older boys in one room.  The younger boys have their room and at this time some are sleeping in the living room.

In April 2024  the girls made new outfits for the Month of the Woman and celebrated with guests and previous residents of the shelter, 130 people.

 A Canadian Non-Denominational Organization

Hope of St. Joseph Shelter Inc

 APICULTURE: In August 2023 they started with some bee hives, harvesting honey and beeswax for candle making and  are very happy with their first try with this project.
AGRICULTURE: They are harvesting bananas, sugar cane and avocados.  The avocado tree has lots of fruit and can be harvested on an on-going basis for 3 to 4 months.
 PIG PENS:  They have a mason who is working on the pig pens and it is now taking shape. 

The 2023 very successful Hope of St. Joseph yard sale was held and took in over $24,000. This includes the sale of merchandise over the 6 days of the event, as well as items sold while venues were being set up during the 2 weeks prior. Many, who attended the sale, purchased hot dogs and made donations to the shelters and 'Feed the Street Kids" campaign jars at the cash tent.

ONLINE sales of donated items continue year-round on Facebook Marketplace

Congratulations to Father Donato on his 25th year of the priesthood. We, from Canada, were not there physically at your celebration on September 10, 2023 but we were definitely there with you in spirit!